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We know what it’s like to build a business, we’ve been business owners in the Conejo Valley since the 1980’s. For years we poured money into renting office space. Then in 2007 we decided we needed an EDGE: we invested in property to build office space that reflected our business style. We created the EDGE: office space in a strategic location, with cutting-edge technology, and the friendly, superb service we’re known for. Through the ups and downs of these challenging years, EDGE has constantly adjusted and evolved while maintaining our values. Here we are, over a decade later, better than ever. We’re not a huge franchise, but a smaller boutique operation with beautiful, light-filled offices and the best service in Westlake Village. Yes, we know it’s hard to build and grow a business in our crazy world. But we’re glad we took the risk, we gained the EDGE we wanted.

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